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Original title: Gates offered 10 million dollars bribe for MPs to secretly pass a law on forced vaccination in Nigeria!

The portal published an article that allegedly in Nigeria, the uneducated ”philanthropist” Bill Gates was caught bribing politicians for a forced vaccination program for Coronavirus. It quoted African media as saying: “Opposition political parties have rejected a ‘foreign-sponsored billl’ that legalizes compulsory vaccination of all Nigerians, even when the vaccines have not been found and demanded that the speaker be punished if he imposes the draft-law in parliament.”

The author of the text even compares the “situation” that was written about in Nigeria, with our health system, so unfoundedly, without any evidence, makes serious accusations against the Minister of Health Venko Filipche: Here is where Filipche gets the identical orders from, vaccinate the whole nation against coronavirus, everything you catch, even with a flu vaccine, even with an expired one, everything, by random choice, just kill and mutilate the people and fill the already full greedy pocket!”.


You can find the link to the original article here.

Referring to the African media, the article shared a link from the portal, where Bill Gates is not mentioned at all and it is a completely different text, which is also misinformation. The text further refers to the portal, from which they partially copied the news without emphasizing that the text itself states that “There is no evidence of these allegations“.

At the same time, the author “failed” to convey the entire content of the text on the portal, i.e. the statements on the page that is allegedly accused of accepting bribes. Namely, the text-only states that the House of Representatives has formed an ad-hoc Commission that will examine the accusations of alleged bribery and the speaker promised that there will be a public debate on the law. And that’s all.

The portal does not transmit the part of the article that reads about the statements of the Vice President of the House of Representatives, Ahmed Weiss, who says that neither he nor any other member of the House took money from anyone. Also, the House majority leader Mr. Doguwa stated that the House did not take money from anyone, adding that the House is doing its job in accordance with what is necessary for the security of the people.

Also, the leader of the House minority group, Mr. Elumelu, denies allegations that the House received 10 million USD to pass the law.


The speaker of the House of Representatives, Mr. Gbajbiamila, said that by responding to such unfounded allegations, they were being given credibility. In this regard, he adds that the actions of certain online media only support the need to regulate the posts on social and online media.

According to him, this accusation has enough weight to take legal action against the media organization. For that purpose, he obliges the authorities to take the necessary legal actions, and Henry Nawouba has been appointed chairman of the ad-hoc Commission.


The bill to repeal the Law on Quarantine, as well as the adoption of the Law on Control of Infectious Diseases, passed the second reading under controversial circumstances in the Home on April 28.

The bill, among other things, provided for the Nigerian Centers for Disease Control (NCDC) to authorize the administration to vaccinate all Nigerians in efforts to control the disease.

The bill has come under fire from political parties, civil society organizations and individuals.

In response to the criticism, Mr. Gbajbiamila, who is proposing the law, withdrew the bill, saying it would be subject to public debate.


Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Representative Dr. Pauliu Basinga also said that these were false and unsubstantiated allegations of bribery of Nigerian lawmakers by Bill Gates. He told The Guardian Nigeria that there was no interaction between him or the foundation with the Nigerian legislature; “The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has recently been informed of the accusation circulating on certain social media and Nigerian media that the foundation was involved in some kind of payment, allegedly made at the Nigerian House of Representatives. All such allegations are completely false and unfounded.”

According to the above, there is no evidence of alleged bribery of Nigerian MPs by Bill Gates. Therefore, the allegations made are incorrect and false.

A coronavirus vaccine has not yet been found. The proposed Nigeria Disease Control Act only coincides with the current moment of the fight against coronavirus and the discovery of a vaccine or drug.

These serious allegations and unconfirmed “information” only create additional fear and panic among the public and mistrust in the institutions. This text is a great example of this. So don’t allow yourself to be manipulated. Check what you read.

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