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On 12 August some media reported that „Sweden has rejected the extradition request from the Macedonian authorities for Dejan Davidovski, who was indicted for the events in Parliament on 27 April 2017“. Mr. Davidovski was arrested in Sweden in April this year, after a warrant was issued by Interpol. The texts which were unified and that have cited the newspaper „Vecher“ reported that Davidovski will not be extradited since the Swedish court is of the opinion that he is persecuted on political grounds and will not have a fair trial in North Macedonia.

This news is completely fake, and this is confirmed by the very ambassador of Sweden. In a statement for the portal “Civil Media” he confirmed that the Swedish authorities still have not decided upon the extradition request from the Macedonian authorities, and that Davidovski will remain in detention until a decision has been reached.


He also denied the information that the Swedish court issued an opinion that Davidovski will not have a fair trial in North Macedonia, because such an opinion is not issued by the Swedish courts in this phase.


There is a decision of the Regional Court to detain Dejan Davidovski until a decision about the extradition has been reached. There is nothing in this decision of the Regional Court related to a request for an asylum. It would be very strange if someone from the Regional Court comments on anybody that has requested an asylum”, the ambassador of Sweden in North Macedonia, Mats Staffansson, stated for “Civil Media”.


It is evident that this is a fake news whose aim is to raise the adrenalin of the citizens who still think that the storming of Parliament on 27 was legitimate in order “to defend the homeland”.v

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