London ( Mirror) A University of Oxford zoology expert-Elisa Granato who became one of the first humans in Europe to receive a dose of a potential Covid-19 vaccine has been forced to deny fake news reports she had died.

A woman who became one of the first humans in Europe to receive a potential coronavirus vaccine says she is “doing fine” despite a rumor claiming she had died.

An online article, soon debunked as fake news, claimed the zoology expert had died hours after having the injection after experiencing complications.

It falsely claimed she had pre-existing medical conditions that had not been disclosed to doctors carrying out the tests and that four others were “battling complications”.

On her Twitter profile, she says: “Nothing like waking up to a fake article on your death… I’m doing fine everyone. Please don’t share the article in question, we don’t want to give them attention/clicks. Have a cute cat instead!”





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