With the increase of the death toll that rose to 11.329 on Monday (13.04.2020) having the PM Johnson recovering from the coronavirus, the British Government announced that the restrictive measures will continue along this week.

Britain according to the number of deceased has reached the top 5 countries in the world, thus facing the risk to become the worst-hit country in Europe – senior scientist adviser to the Government said.

Having the debate on whether to prolong or easy off the restrictive measures it appears that Johnsons Government has the public support to keep them active until the beginning of June.

French President Macron in an address to the nation announced that the measure will not be lifted until 11 May, “Over the next four weeks, the rules must be respected,” the president stressed.

Both France and Great Britain are among the countries that have the highest rates of increase of both infected and deceased patients from the coronavirus in the recent weeks, surpassing China on the world ranking.


Source: Reuters




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