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The two sites, several fake profiles and many real profiles shared the fake news that “the Ministry of Education made a disastrous decision and banned the word Macedonian in schools.”

The sites INFOMAX and MARCUCULE have published a twin news, a completely identical one, with a title that says that the Ministry of Education bans the use of the Macedonian language, and in the first sentence of the text present the false news that the school “Koco Racin” in Sveti Nikole published an ad for a teacher of mother language, not of Macedonian language, from which they make another lie that the school bans the naming of the subject Macedonian language.

There is no further mention of the Ministry in the article, which in the title of these sites “made a disastrous decision and banned the Macedonian language”.

But they are referring to concerned citizens who, according to the two sites, “openly ask who is ashamed and forbids the use of the Macedonian language”, without naming any citizen or quoting a statement or showing a photo. And the topic is certainly important, everyone would like to talk about it. Normally, only in case it were true. But it’s not, and here’s why:

The school “Kocho Racin” has posted on its Facebook page an ad published in a daily newspaper that cannot be altered or changed because it is printed on paper and sold in shops. Therefore, the most reliable source that the advertisement does not require a “mother language” teacher but a Macedonian language one is exactly that advertisement:

Also, on the website of the Employment Agency, the ad says a Professor of Macedonian language:

The Macedonian language is concreted

The Macedonian language will not change. It is also stated in the Prespa Agreement.

Also it will remain the same in the United Nations and in the institutions of the European Union.

Obviously, except for INFOMAX and MARKUKULE, no one else has a problem with the use of the Macedonian language.

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