Our partners, European Values, have published the March issue of the monthly newsletter Balkans Watch Briefing, in which you can read the following articles:


F2N2 – Victory Day Misused by Reactionary Influencers in North Macedonia

Different dates of Victory day celebrations were maliciously used to promote anti-Western controversy in North Macedonia.


Why Not – Russian “humanitarian aid” to Bosnia and Herzegovina

Malign foreign actors seized the opportunity to advance their anti-democratic agendas by amplifying propagandistic disinformation around Russian aid to Bosnia and Hercegovina.


CDT – Russian Tales of U.S. “Bio-weapon” Labs in Europe Return

Russian and pro-Russian actors in Southeast Europe recently revived a long-standing disinformation narrative alleging US “bio-weapon” laboratories active in the post-Soviet space. F2N2 also published an article about this narrative.

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