Pro-Kremlin disinformation outlets have employed Satan to prop up their efforts on disinformation. We can see frequent cases of referrals to “The Number of the Beast: 666” and various other symbols, associated with evil forces.


The base of the Fort Russ website is in USA, but it is established as a think tank organization in Serbia and is aimed at implementing a strong pro-Kremlin agenda. The site is associated with the Strategic Culture Foundation, which in its turn is seen as a “partner organisation”. On May 13, Fort Russ News published an article titled “Just why exactly is Melinda Gates wearing a Satanic upside-down crucifix”, elaborating on jewellery worn by Mrs. Melina Gates in an interview a couple of days earlier: “Just why exactly is Melinda Gates wearing a Satanic upside-down crucifix over last weekend’s round of MSM interviews? Even knowing what we know already about the actual belief system of the people running the U.S right now, that they worship various types of references to Satan (whether Moloch, etc.), nevertheless these kinds of obvious provocations both ‘never cease to amaze’, and yet also raise some very serious questions.”

“Gates of Hell”

The author uses a further 1700 words to elaborate on Mrs. Gates’ relations to Satan, and the article is a hit. Fort Russ News’ own counter claims more than 15.000 visits and the article is republished at several occasions.


Hashtags like “#Satanism”, “#Satanic”, “#666” have appeared frequently on Fort Russ News, until recently a rather secular website with very little content on spiritual and/or religious matter. Words like “Satanic” have been used more as a means of expressing dislike, than as a description of an ideology. Fort Russ News have been a forerunner in the campaign against Bill Gates, and it is in this context we see the site owners’ new interest in Satan. Articles on Bill (and Melinda) Gates are hashtagged “#GatesofHell”.

You can read the whole article here.


Source: EUvsDisinfo




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