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Original Title: Australian Vaccine Infects Recipients With HIV, Dangerous Allergies, Side Effects in US & the World!

On the portal Kolozek a fake news states that according to Reuters – Asia Pacific, Australia terminated the contract for the purchase of a vaccine after the recipients became infected with HIV – “Australian authorities terminated the contract worth a billion dollars for the supply of over 50 million doses of the vaccine against COVID-19 after a large number of recipients tested positive for HIV.

The article states that this news was published by Reuters, but as soon as you click on the link, you are immediately directed to the famous portal Sputnik. It is interesting to note that the articles by Sputnik and Kolozeg are not related at all, i.e., the irony is that Sputnik’s article actually refers to December 1st and its celebration as World AIDS Day.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the $ 1 billion deal that the Australian government planned to procure more than 50 million doses of a potential coronavirus vaccine at the University of Queensland was abruptly terminated after several test takers tested FALSE positive for the test. So, the vaccine did not infect the participants with HIV, but after they were tested, the results were false positive.

Sources familiar with the ongoing trials say that pathology tests in recent weeks have confirmed that the positive results are false, and that the participants’ health is not at risk.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the government’s National Security Committee had agreed to terminate the procurement contract, following a view from healthcare providers that the discovery could seriously undermine Australian public confidence in the COVID-19 vaccination program expected to begin at the beginning of next year.

According to the official website of the Australian Ministry of Health, an educational campaign will be launched to inform Australians before vaccination against COVID-19 begins. According to the ministry, it is important for people to understand and be fully informed about the vaccination process early next year.

Health Minister Greg Hunt said the mid-year fiscal and economic outlook 20-21 (MYEFO) reinforces the Australian Government’s commitment to continuing to protect public health and return life to normal after the pandemic.

The F2N2 team evaluates this text as disinformation and manipulation of facts, in order to create a false narrative and disinformation that will confuse readers, aimed at the recent vaccination against COVID-19.

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