In 2018, the Prigozhin Media group decided to “wake up” the Americans. Evgeniy Prigozhin is an oligarch in the hotel, restaurant and catering business, known as Putin’s chef, but infamous for his troll factory, the St.Petersburg based Internet Research Agency. The investigation into the involvement in the US Presidential elections 2016 tied more than ten Prigozhin employees to illegal activities. In 2018 Prigozhin launched the project “USA Really. Wake Up Americans!”

The EUvsDisinfo wrote about the project at the time. Among other things, the Prigozhin Empire is known for violence, aggressive disinformation and deception. And now – Prigozhin was set on waking up the Americans.

The head of the USA Really at the time of its launch, Aleksandr Malkevich, met the media, discussed the project and had his fifteen minutes of fame.

Two years later, the leaders of USA Really are still arduously attempting to wake up Americans. It’s mission statement is an exhibition of truisms. Their statement about the organization’s mission continues to sound banal: “Unbiased, honest stories that inform and Illuminate the struggles and triumphs of everyday Americans is what USA Really is all about. We aim to finally give a voice to those whose voices aren’t usually heard by the mainstream, corporate media, presenting a realistic portrait of what’s happening in the United States from people who don’t usually get their stories told. We’re developing the next generation of people-centered storytelling, and we need your help!”

The website is very much trying to make itself heard, exploiting the current protest movement in the US, rewriting news from other sources, picking up stories from Reddit, Facebook and Twitter. Earlier, the COVID-19 outbreak served similar purposes: all to describe the US and the entire Western system as on the verge of collapse. USA Really does not provide its readers with anything unique, interesting or even relevant. In general – the usual, hum-drum pro-Kremlin tropes that RT, Sputnik and more professional propaganda outlets broadcast 24/7.

You can read the whole article here.


Source: EUvsDisinfo

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