Original title:  An immigrant tried to rape small girls in Skopje

On 30 June 2019 several media published articles that an immigrant attacks in the center of Skopje. This is a speculation.

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With a headline in which it is stated that an immigrant tried to rape small girls, the media are trying to represent the immigrants in negative light.

The facts in this case are the following: Yes, a young man attacks in the center of Skopje, as it was originally presented in the article by the A1on team. But in this article the affected citizens state that he is not a foreigner.

Following is the statement by the spokesperson of MoI, Toni Angeleski, given in regards to this event:

Respected, this is not a case of an immigrant, as some of the media manipulate, but of the person I.J. (30) who is homeless. MoI acts in accordance with its authority and has initiated two misdemeanor proceedings against this person, while he was also repeatedly controlled. There have been no charges for attack against this persons, but the misdemeanors are for inappropriate behavior. Because he is a homeless person, the Center of Social Affairs was informed in order to undertake further measures in their authority.

The citizens must not be led to a wrongful conclusion. This case is a about an attacker who is not an immigrant.




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