By November 4, 2019 March 25th, 2020 F2N2 ANALYSIS

The Kremlin’s newsletter in Serbia, the Serbian Sputnik, triggered the propaganda alarm. The false message is that Prime Minister Zaev deposited his resignation.

North Macedonia Prime Minister Zoran Zaev has resigned, Italian agency ANSA reported, citing European diplomatic sources. Sputnik writes, referring to the Italian state agency Ansa.

Sputnik briefly refreshed the version of the fake news:

As we unofficially find out, Zaev has converted his resignation and informed the foreign embassies about it, Sputnik wrote in the updated version at 4:25 PM, on the version that he originally posted at 3:58 PM on 18.10.2019.

The fake news was transmitted by several Serbian media: Informer,, Espreso, Srpska Diaspora, Alo, Srbija Danas, Pink, Mondo.

The truth is that Prime Minister Zaev did not file a resignation, as some media manipulate. Zaev after the meetings and guidelines with the European leaders at a press conference on 19.10.2019, demanded fast elections.


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