In the recent period in some of the media we witnessed headlines that give false hope that Russian health research centers have found an efficient cure for cancer.

With the aforementioned headline, Russia Beyond wants make the readers conclude that a new Russian concoction has been found, calling upon a statement from Oleg, Salagay, who is the Director for Public Health and Communication within the Ministry of Health of Russia. If one analyses the statement from the officials and the media that are cited by this medium, one can come to the conclusion that there are no final conclusions from the research, while the headline claims the opposite.

We consider that the headlines of such kind, that give false hope to a desperate group of citizens, and at the same time promote Russia as a source for solving all problems, are part of a longstanding propaganda style who does not help the readers at all.

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The primary goal of Russia Beyond as a medium in North Macedonia is to promote Russia, regardless whether some news is true or not, it deliberately puts tendentious headlines in order to mislead the readers and to glorify the progress of its sponsor in all areas of life.

Checking the links and the authorities which this media calls upon, we found that this case is about an ongoing research which is far away from the final desired goal.

It is tendentious to use a misleading headline that claims that Russia has found cure, while on the other hand not to support it with credible data and links. This is disappointing and seriously puts into question the credibility of the medium as a source of information.

It is true that several research centers throughout the world are working in this area, but so far they have not found an efficient cure that will save millions from malign diseases.




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