Original title: ARE CHINA AND RUSSIA MAKING A “COMEBACK” TO MACEDONIA? Look how much donation we received from the Chinese!

On July 15, 2020, the portal MKD Press published a clickbait article, the title of which manipulativly claims that China and Russia were returning to Macedonia.

You can find the link to the original article here.


The published article is a clickbait in which it is stated that China and Russia are returning to Macedonia.

Basically, it refers to an event of handing over a donation of protective medical equipment from the People’s Republic of China, which was handed over to the Army of the Republic of North Macedonia. The role of Russia is not mentioned in the analyzed article in any way, except that it is manipulatively used in the title of the article. This article aims to glorify China and Russia as “brotherly countries” that help the Republic of North Macedonia.

As a reminder, in the past years and today, the European Union has provided several billion euros in aid to our country. Also, in 20 years, the United States has invested over 754 million dollars in the development of the country. Here you can read about the amount of the donations from European Union member states for dealing with the coronavirus, awarded to the Republic of North Macedonia.

The published text is a clickbait, in which manipulative claims are made that are not supported by facts, especially in the part where Russia is mentioned. The donation in this particular case was misused in order to manipulate the public about the influence of the forces of the mentioned countries in the Republic of North Macedonia.

The F2N2 team assesses this article as manipulative.




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