The MP Antonijo Miloshoski published a post on his Twitter profile in which he says that at the yesterday’s session of the EU Council 7 members were against negotiation date for North Macedonia and Albania.

In the post the MP has published part of a screenshot with the following headline: France and Germany pour cold water on Balkan hopes for immediate EU accession.

The portal Republika was the first to publish this disinformation. Other portals that disseminated the disinformation were the following:  Kurir, LiderMakfaxPlusinfoTochka24InfoSignalMagazinMakpress

Markukule , and Emagazin.


Firstly, the screenshot that the MP has used in his post is not from the yesterday’s session of the Council. It is a picture published on the portal Financial Times from the Balkan Conference in Berlin on 29 April 2019. The very fact that the MP published a picture from the conference in Berlin, while he writes about the EU Council allows us to conclude that this post is a disinformation.

The fact that at the EU Council all countries agreed for the start of the countries was stated by the Prime Minister Zaev (video).

The following  is also stated in the text published by MIA:

None of the countries expressed doubt that RNM has fulfilled all obligations. The Netherlands expressed that it expects the Law on Public Prosecution to be adopted, but it did not express negative opinion and agreed for start of the negotiations this year. The following expressed the greatest support for us: Greece, Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Luxembourg, Hungary, Romania, Malta, the Baltic states and Hahn. Bulgaria was extremely positive, while France was abstaining, requesting more time for a decision for both countries. Greece, Austria, Slovenia, and Hungary were fiercely positive for us. At the end, the conclusion has been adopted with a consensus, all are in favor of a positive decision in October and start of the negotiations by the end of the year.

All countries agreed to amend the conclusion with a special recognition of the Prespa Agreement and the agreement with Bulgaria. All of them commended and confirmed the results from the reforms. All of them committed to an adoption of a clear and substantial decision in October.

All of them welcomed our reforms in their addresses, while the decision for both countries will be adopted in October.

From all of this we can conclude that the MP Miloshoski tries to influence the public opinion by disinformation and to lead the citizens to a wrong conclusion. His attempt was helped by several media who do not consult the other parties, by which in a way they are accomplices in spreading disinformation and false informing of the public.




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