Original title: See what is in the new 20 pounds banknote. The video was made by Ivan

A video that has been posted on social media shows some people trying to convince the public that the new 20 – pound English banknote has a picture of a 5G tower and radioactive rays that the tower emits, which they say are in the form of the Corona virus , even emphasizing the look of the English crown that they say is actually the certificate of security of these banknotes. According to them, this is a confirmation, symbolic that the Corona virus has spread as a result of the establishment of the 5G network from which people are getting sick.


This news is false for more reasons, and is at the level of conspiracy theory. But the main fact about what we have been writing about for some time now, and to which both the World Health Organization and the European Union have responded, is that the 5G network radiation is 50 times less harmful than the level of radiation allowed.

As for the banknote, the Bank of England has already given explanations for the banknote issued on February 20 this year, which is of historical and cultural importance for the United Kingdom, and not for the 5G network.

The description says that the “tower” which is said to be of the 5G social network and that the crown a symbol of the virus, are in fact symbols of the “Margate lighthouse” in the English city of Margat, where the famous artist JMW Tarner has painted most of his classics, and the staircase at Tate Britain – an art museum in England.

And what shines is actually the three-dimensional (3D) shape of the crown.

Source: Bank of England

Also, banknotes are “shiny” due to the polymer layers that are safer and prevent counterfeiting, and are not a “reflection of 5G network rays”, as claimed in the manipulative video.

The “Reuters” agency also unmasked this “information”, which in its text clearly refutes the allegations about both the 5G network and the Corona virus. You can also read more information on the “Sun” and “”.




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