THE ANTHEM WILL BE CHANGED: Is the absence of the Macedonian anthem before Tsipras an announcement that it will be changed?!

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An avalanche of reactions about not playing the Macedonian anthem during the visit of the Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras were noted. The disinformation went so far to claim that the anthem was not played because of the new constitutional name. The Government issued an official statement denying that this and confirming that the anthem will not be changed, neither textually, nor musically.

An even more elegant denial came yesterday from the Army Club. The 70th anniversary of NATO was celebrated with a joint performance of the Macedonian and Greek army orchestras. At the beginning of the concert, firstly the anthem of NATO was played, and after that the anthem of the Republic of North Macedonia was jointly played. We think that this is more than a sufficient proof for the citizens related to the anthem.




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