Original title of the text: When the Macedonians do not respect the Albanian ethnic features, but demand votes from the Albanians (PHOTO)

This text alludes to the fact that SDSM does not respect the Albanian flag and Albanian symbols, whereas the Albanians respect the state flag and the party flag of SDSM. The author in this text has set up several images from an anonymous reader to confirm their thesis, for the approach of Macedonians, that is, SDSM towards the Albanians, from which the former demands votes during the elections.

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The author has posted several photos, only from two places, thus making a comparison. Through these photographs, the author wanted to show that the Macedonian politicians, that is, those from SDSM, do not respect the Albanians, since there are no Albanian flags and symbols at party meetings in their headquarters, whereas the Albanians have Macedonian flags. According to them, it is enough to conclude that SDSM, that is, their candidate for President Stevo Pendarovski, does not deserve the votes of the Albanians during the elections.

This thesis is spreading very quickly, and North Macedonia is a fragile society, when it comes to inter-ethnic issues, therefore one such text, if not debunked on time, may greatly damage the relations in the multiethnic society.

The Macedonian flag is a national flag, which is used, as evident from the photos, in all headquarters, and then, depending on the place where the headquarters are located, additional flags are placed as a feature of the majority of citizens living therein.

Nationalist rhetoric belongs to the past, it serves to divide citizens, and issues of mutual respect and understanding should be treated with care, and should not be abused for political purposes.




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