Original title: THE LAST BATTLE FOR OUR FUTURE! Shocking BBC forecast for the future of the world… What awaits us in the near and distant future? What kind of life will the coronavirus make…

On October 15th , 2020, the anonymous website Popara published an article in which false claims were made, saying the COVID-19 pandemic was invented in order  to create a distopian future, in which freedom would not exist. In addition to the text, there is a video, misusing an article by the BBC. The video false statements like: the generations after us will supposedly be born in prisons and will not know what freedom is. We will have voice-activated technology, locks with such technology in a social credit system, the whole world will be turned into a prison, including homes and you can only leave if you behave according to the government’s requirements.   According to the false video, the pandemic is a big plan that is being orchestrated and will be implemented if people do not wake up and understand what is being done. The bottom line is that the situation is serious. All of these statements are false.

Link to the original article here.


This article text is a false conspiracy theory. The article uses the BBC as a credible source of cited information, but instead of transmitting the original text from the BBC, thewebsite shared  a video with a Serbian translation and takes the BBC article out of context. Comments are added in order to consciously create speculation,confusion, fear and panic among the public.

The text, titled “This is what the coronavirus will do to our offices and homes”, prepared by the BBC, is a prediction of future changes as a result of the pandemic, and is accompanied by animated illustrations. After the illustrations in the text, it is stated that of course not everything will change, and that the changes will not happen as fast as shown in the illustrations. If COVID-19 disappears in the coming months and a vaccine is found quickly, many homes and workplaces will be able to return to “normal”.

However, aspects of Laila’s imaginary life can become a reality for many of us, especially if the pandemic continues and no vaccine is found. The BBC text writes about the changes caused by the pandemic, such as change of workplace, i.e. office space, change of place of work (work from home), change of business space because of financial pressures etc.

Regarding the rise of touchless technology, it is already used in hospitals, and COVID-19 is massively accelerating its use in other places. Sensor information can be used to adjust the temperature and humidity in the fight against some pathogenic microorganisms. UV air conditioning systems are also already in use to kill bacteria and some viruses.

The BBC text, which points to possible changes that the pandemic has made and is yet to make, has been misused to present a conspiracy theory that the coronavirus pandemic is a planned scenario, in which we will all be controlled by technological tools and will lose our freedom in the future. This is further enhanced by the theory of control over humanity.

The article does not meet even the basic journalistic standards. Instead of checking and researching the facts, the media outlet broadcasts a video in which the placed information is manipulatively twisted, and conspiracy theories related to COVID-19 are inserted, to consciously create a public delusion. The public should know that headlines that contain a question are an indication of an unsubstantiated claim, which must be thoroughly investigated before being shared in the media. The information that is made public must be precise and accurate. Spreading misinformation during an epidemic or disease pandemic can have serious consequences.

The F2N2 team evaluates this text as misinformation that originates from an anonymous website, in which instead of an impressum, there is only a text with commitment, without the standard listed data.




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