Displaying the former flag of the Republic of North Macedonia is not a reason for the detention of the villagers of Volino

Original title: Detained for displaying the Sun of Vergina, tensions outside the police station in Ohrid!

At a football match held in the village of Volino-Debrca, the police that was in charge of maintaining the public order and peace was forced to intervene and detain several people for disturbing it. However, some media have spread the misinformation that citizens were detained for displaying the former flag of the Republic of North Macedonia. The disinformation was transmitted by the portals: ExpresRepublikaKurirNetPress.


The reason for the detention of the citizens was not the display of the former flag, but the attack on the football judge and the prevention of the officials in the attempt to apprehend the attacker. The Mayor of Debrca, Zoran Nogacevski, who witnessed the event, also posted a denial on his Facebook page. According to him, the incident should not be given a political connotation, while also saying that he was not detained, as certain portals had reported, but that he entered the police van where the detained citizens were on his own initiative. On the official website of the Ministry of Interior Affairs, in the extract of daily events it is clearly stated that the reason for the arrest is the attack on the football judge and interference in the performance of the officials’ actions. At the same time, the Ministry of Interior Affairs sent a complaint to the Association of Journalists of Macedonia, the Council on Media Ethics and the Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services over the apparently deliberate misinformation by certain media regarding the incident at the football match in the village of Volino. The MoIA expects that these organizations will respond appropriately to the unprofessional, unethical, and obviously deliberate misinformation in order to incite hatred, violence and intolerance.

Obviously in the future the judges have to think twice before making a decision undesirable for the home team. 🙂




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