Original title:  THE DOCTORS ARE SURPRIZED: The diabetes has disappeared in five days, thanks to this prescription!

Our media often reach out for texts that propagate an alternative as a substitute for medicine. In this regard is the offer of this text published on Infomax which propagates that the diabetes can be resolved in 5 days. According to the text, the magical natural recipe that heals contains spinach, carrots, green apple and celery. The mixture is taken in the morning, on an empty stomach, according to the instructions in this text.

Link to the news:  Infomax


This type of disinformation is part of the current trend of speculation behind the curtain of pseudoscience. This news contains an unconventional remedy that is not supported by scientific facts and the conventional methodology of the official medical science and practice.

The purpose of this text is to state that diabetes can be cured easily and simply, without any medical tests and therapies that will come out from the results. This is wrong and risky. The text does not specify whether it concerns a particular type of diabetes or all of them. Different types of diabetes require different treatment. Any negligence can be fatal.

For example, in type 1 diabetes in the body is completely lacking insulin, but this is needed to normalize blood sugar. This awareness allows us to come to the conclusion that certain natural products can not be a substitute for insulin.

There is no magic solution for diabetes. Diabetes is a chronic condition of an organism disorder. According to the International Diabetes Federation, the number of diabetics is growing and it is expected to reach 350 million by 2025.

People suffering from diabetes have elevated glucose levels. Their body can not transfer glucose into cells. If not adequately treated, diabetes can cause complications. Complications from diabetes develop gradually, but if not carefully monitored, there is a risk of complications such as:

  • Vision damage

  • Skin infections

  • Heart attack, impaired movement of blood in the limbs

  • Stroke

  • Nerve damage

  • Kidney damage etc.

Diabetes is diagnosed easily. With proper education, medical treatment and supervision, it can be prevented and controlled.

The F2N2 team believes that the dissemination of this disinformation is risky by itself and it is unserious and unprofessional.




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