Original title: Original title: Big scandal revealed: The date of the ballots that were late was changed so as not to be declared invalid

Unconfirmed information about alleged election fraud in the US elections was spread in the media in North Macedonia via RT (Russia Today). However, without evidence of these allegations, this is just disinformation that aims to undermine the confidence in the US election process.

On November 7th, the Infomax portal published an article titled A major scandal revealed: The date of the ballots that were late was changed so that they would not be declared invalid. The source of the text is RT (Russia Today) television network funded by Russia. According to the content, these are alleged election irregularities during the US presidential election. An employee of the US Postal Service through Project Veritas announced that the manager of the post office in Erie, Pennsylvania, had ordered the date of November 3 of the ballots that arrived after Election Day to be changed, so that the invalid ballots “look valid”. The Hopkins whistleblower allegedly overheard the postmaster, Robert Weissenbach Jr., talking to other employees about ballots that needed to be “countered.” According to Hopkins, the postman said most of the ballots that arrived Wednesday, the day after the election, were dated by Tuesday, but that one of them was incorrectly dated November 4. Hopkins was reportedly contacted by inspectors who wanted to hear his side of the story to start an investigation.

Like in Pennsylvania, a spokesman for the U.S. Postal Service in Michigan claims that employees were ordered to separate “late ballots” from regular mail in order to print Tuesday’s date. In Nevada, meanwhile, a postal worker reportedly agreed to give a secret reporter a package of unused ballots that had been sent to incorrect addresses.

This “information” was also published by the portals: VesnikVecerReporterInfoM Express.


This fake story was immediately exposed by

Namely, they reveal that it is a video of a right-wing activist who suggests that the employees of the American postal service are anti-dating ballots in Michigan. The claim has not been proven, but, even if it is true, not a single ballot paper received after November 3 is accepted, regardless of the postmark date.

The Veritas Project is a right-wing activist organization. In a video posted on the organisation’s YouTube channel, its founder, James O’Keefe, claims that there is a “whistleblower” in the Michigan Post Office who has information about election fraud in Michigan. A whistleblower says they have been given the task of collecting all the ballots so they can verify them with the date from the previous day. To clarify, the day this happens is November 4, and Election Day was November 3, so this implies that the US Postal Service participated in a scheme to count the illegitimate votes.

U.S. Postal Service spokeswoman Agapi Dulaveris told they did not know if there was such a “directive.” The Chief Inspector of the Postal Service is investigating this complaint, and so far there is no new information.

However, the objection has no effect on the elections. Michigan law stipulates that ballot papers by mail “must arrive at the clerk or authorized clerk before the polls close on Election Day. Ballots that arrive after polls close on Election Day will not be counted.”

The Michigan Secretary of State’s office also commented on the case on its website: “The Michigan election administration considers valid the ballots they received at their offices or in the official ballot boxes by 8 pm on Election Day. Ballots received after this deadline, regardless of the postage stamp date.

This in itself indicates that the date of November 3 does not play a major role, but the main segment is the time in which the ballot on that date reached the authorities. In other words, even if a November 4 ballot was anti-dated, it could not be part of the count, because it did not arrive by the end of Election Day to be entered into the system. According to this, the story of alleged election fraud in Michigan and Pennsylvania by changing the date of the ballots is disinformation that aims to undermine confidence in the US election process.




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