The exercise „Decisive Strike 19” is a national field exercise, attended by several international participants and which in the period 5 June – 9 July is being held at the Center for Training Support (CTS) “Krivolak”.

„Decisive Strike 19” is the largest exercise that has been conducted in the Republic of North Macedonia so far – a massive exercise activity which will be participated by approximately 2,700 troops from five NATO-members (USA, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Albania and Lithuania), as well as the Republic of North Macedonia.

The objective of the exercise is to increase the level of interoperability and the readiness of the Army of the RNM for urban combat in various weather conditions, synchronization of the available capacities and integration between the conventional and special forces of the partner countries, as well assessment of the combat readiness of the troops.

17 June 2019 is a High Guests Day on which, for the purposes of the exercise, it is envisaged that a B-52 bomber, accompanied by two F-16 fighter aircrafts, will conduct a symbolic overflight of the airspace of the RNM and the Training Area “Krivolak”

Participants in the exercise:

Republic of North Macedonia – 1,300 troops from the Army and the Ministry of Interior;

USA – 1,300 troops;

Montenegro – 75 troops with artillery weapons;

Bulgaria – 25 troops;

Albania – 25 troops;

Lithuania – 10 troops.

During the exercise “Decisive Strike 19” it is envisaged for 26 events, 96 assignments and 13 tactical exercise with live ammunition to be conducted. During the entire exercise, conventional live ammunition which does not contain depleted uranium will be used.

For the purposes of the exercise, the following armament and equipment will be used:

  1. Aircrafts:

  • Airplanes: two fighting aircrafts F-16 “Fighting Falcon” and one B-52 bomber.

  • Helicopters: Mi 8/17 and Mi24

  1. Transporters:

  • Stryker

  • Hermelin

  1. Ammunition:

  • For armament: 5,56mm; 7,62mm; 7,9mm; 9mm; 12,7mm и 30mm.

  • Artillery ammunition: 82mm; 105mm и 120mm

  • Close Air Support: 55mm.

The citizens will be able to meet the participants in the exercise in the following cities:

  • Gevgelija, on 08 June

  • Sveti Nikole, on 11 June

  • Kavadarci, on 15 June

  • Radovish on 26 June

  • Strumica on 26 June

  • Bitola, on 29 June

  • Gostivar, on 01 July

  • Skopje, on 05 July.




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