Original title: Filipce gets fed up: Scheduled an admission to the Clinic for Infectious Diseases for a man who challenged him.

Venko Filipce got fed up, he lost his nerves … you will not believe what he did today!!! He admitted a person who accused him of lying about the COVID-19 pandemic to the infections disease clinic. This fake news was published on October 25th, 2020 by PogledPindzur.netNews Update, and Maktel. However, Maktel corrected themselves and wrote that it was a false alarm, while other portals did not do so, so their fake news was expressly spread on social networks.

Namely, the articles refer to a fake Twitter profile of the Minister of Health, Venko Filipce, where it was announced that the Minister is sending Borce Ilioski to the infectious disease clinic where KOVID-19 patients are treated. Borce Ilioski, who, according to the information on his Facebook profile is allegedly the president of the youth of the political party Integra. He challenged the minister with the following post on Facebook: “Challenge! I challenge the manipulator and the thief # VenkoFilipce! I am ready to get into the Clinic for Infectious Diseases and to sit with the sick WITHOUT A MASK 24/7 for seven days. If I get sick and die, an independent medical team must perform an autopsy to determine the true cause of death. If I get sick and get cured, it should be announced which medications and treatments helped cure me, so that all further lives can be successfully saved. If nothing happens to me, I will be paid 500,000 euros in compensation for the lies and manipulation of the alleged # COVID19 virus. “Let’s see how manly you are?”


This is fake news because the Twitter account allegedly belonging to the Minister of Health is fake, and the person behind the profile is abusing his name and position to create false news that the Minister responded to the challenge by returning a Twitter message to the previously mentioned Borce. The websites published these messages without checking to make sure they were real.

 Namely, the Twitter profile, named @ 41N21E, d the message, which was transmitted on behalf of the Minister of Health.

This so-called game “Challenge – I challenge Minister Venko Filipce” was started by Milenko Nedelkovski on October 8th, 2020, when he announced the same status on his Facebook profile. The game only encourages dissatisfaction and mistrust in the health system, which, in conditions of a pandemic, can cause great harm to public health.

The pandemic is a serious problem, and this is not the time for manipulative “games”. The public should be properly informed, and journalists and portals should be professional in their reporting.




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