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Original Title: An amazing prophecy: “the day will be shorter, there will be fewer hours and America will disappear”

According to the portal The Times Archimandrite Tavrion predicted that “China will pass through Russia, but it will not pass as a militant, but as if going to war somewhere. Russia will serve as its corridor. When they reach the Urals, they will stop and live there for a long time. Also, about the bar code of the products, he added that there will be a symbol and 30 sticks, long and medium and that he will stick them on the products.”

Then follows the favorite narrative of the pro-Russian portals; “America: The whole continent will disappear”, but of course; “God will save Russia.”


The link to the original article can be found here.

The false news of Father Tavrion, who allegedly predicted that “America will disappear,” widely circulated on Serbian portals, and the news was shared by pro-Russian portals such as Onlinevesti.net, alo.rs, vaseljenska.net, esspreso.rs. Among the first to publish this news was also Webtribune.rs, on July 06, 2020. Unfortunately, articles with identical content appeared on the web portals in North Macedonia, and on July 7, the portal The Times joined the propaganda.


But, who was really Archimandrite Tavrion?

According to the St. Filaret Orthodox Christian Institute (SFI) and Otrhodox England, the old Tavrion is a symbol of persecution and suffering, but above all, he is considered a man who has dedicated his life to the faith.

He was the spiritual leader of the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Monastery near Jelgava. Father Tavrion was one of the most prominent figures in the Russian Orthodox Church, one of the most important Russian preachers of the second half of the twentieth century. He spent more than 25 years in Stalin’s concentration camps and in exile.[1] Everywhere in prison, Father Tavrion served a daily liturgy.

During the persecution of the church during the Soviet era, Father Tavrion had the courage to address the Soviet people with the word of faith. In the summer months, every day in the monastery he took communion with up to 150-200 people. And while his merits in preaching Orthodoxy are great, the narratives of his ability to predict are just another part of the great anti-Western, anti-American, and pro-Russian propaganda.

The F2N2 team considers that although these articles have almost no journalistic validity and are conveyed as a dark prophecy and legend, they still target the sensitivities of readers seeking a supra-historical meaning or supernatural context for events. There is no prophecy here and pro-Russian portals, as always, skillfully use religious figures to pursue with such propaganda.



Photo Credit: https://sfi.ru/about/biblioteka.html

[1] https://www.ceeol.com/search/article-detail?id=771905

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