FN Program manager Rosana Aleksoska partake the meeting with the Special envoy and coordinator of the Department of State Mr. James Rubin, that was held on 12 April, 2023. At the meeting Ms. Aleksoska presented the Program "Fighting False News Narratives" as well as the state with the Russian disinformation narratives in North Macedonia.

The Special envoy Rubin in the course of his visit to North Macedonia, met with the representatives of the media and media organizations as well the top level officials in the country. At the meeting with the President Pendarovski, Special envoy Rubin underlined that there are structures in the region and in Kremlin that do not want progress in the Euro-Integrations of North Macedonia.

In his video address to the public in North Macedonia and the region published by Radio Free Europe, Mr. Rubin emphasized that the fight with the disinformation from Russia and China represent a major challenge for the entire region.

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