Currently, the USA has so far donated over one million dollars to our country to help dealing with the coronavirus

According to F2N2’s research data, in collaboration with “360 stepeni”, in the last 20 years, in the health sector alone, the aid of approximately 11.5 million dollars has been received from the United States.


Data from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) show that between 2001 and 2020, more than 754 million dollars in aid flowed into Macedonia.

This amount cannot be taken as final, because 2020 is still ongoing, and some of the projects are still being implemented.

The funds are invested in encouraging development in various sectors, such as education, civil society, multiculturalism, administration, the rule of law, economics, health and more.

Renovated primary schools and increased literacy

In the field of education, back in 2006, USAID announced and after implemented a multi-annual project aimed at renovating 100 schools across the country. In 2009, 77 schools were renovated, and more than 3 million dollars were spent that year alone. The project covered schools in several municipalities across the country. For example, in the primary school “Gjorgji Pulevski” in the municipality of Mavrovo, Rostuse, a hot water heating system was installed, so that over 200 students and employees finally got warm classrooms and rooms during the winter months.

The same year, the students from the school “Lazo Angelovski” in Novo Lisice got renovated classrooms, and the building of the primary school in Nikishtane was completely renovated. The school “Braka Miladinovci” in Probistip got a new floor and toilet, and the roof of the school “Nikola Petrov Rusinski” in Berovo was reconstructed.

USAID also implemented projects to improve early literacy, cooperating with all primary schools in the country from 2013 to 2018 in order to strengthen language and math skills. In the field of education, financial resources were invested in the promotion of inclusiveness in the educational system of children with disabilities, as well as in the area of intercultural education.

Developing the economy and combating corruption

Among the last projects in the country funded by the American people through USAID are the activities in the fight against corruption, the development of tools for a transparent budget and a system for monitoring and combating corruption. Through several US-supported projects implemented through USAID, in the recent years the development of a democratic society and the rule of law has been worked on.

In the field of economy, in the past years, the project for development of business ecosystems was implemented, which started in 2017 in order to increase productivity, revenues and jobs in micro, small and medium enterprises.

In the first year of implementation, this project started eight pilot co-investment initiatives covering four sectors: dairy production, high-yield agriculture, textiles and labor in 12 leading companies.

The USAID database can be used to check and analyze financial aid data that the agency has invested in countries around the world.

The 295-page section on North Macedonia shows that the funds were being implemented through USAID, other US agencies, or directly from the State Department.

In terms of the current health care, the USA has so far donated more than 1 million dollars in aid to the country, for dealing with the coronavirus.

According to the info chart made by F2N2 for US aid sent to the Western Balkans, donations of approximately 11.5 million dollars have been received from the USA in the last 20 years alone.

In addition to the initial $ 1.1 million support for the coronavirus health care system, North Macedonia received an additional $330,000 from the US Embassy. The donation is support for vulnerable groups. In addition to finances, the United States has provided support in the form of protective equipment for health workers who are in the front lines of the coronavirus.


Pompeo: The United States has invested 10 billion dollars globally in the fight against COVID-19

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo recently during a news briefing said that since the beginning of the pandemic, the United States has responded with 10 billion dollars in aid to combat COVID-19 globally.


“The United States has provided 10 billion dollars to support the international fight against the virus on all levels, from research to finding a vaccine to humanitarian aid and equipment. Compare that to the promised 2 billion dollars from China, that I’m waiting for them to invest. On the other hand, private American businesses, non-profit and humanitarian organizations, but also the citizens themselves, through donations, provided 4.3 billion dollars to help against the global pandemic. So far, no country has done as much as the United States has to fight this terrible virus,” Pompeo said, adding that the State Department and USAID will invest an additional amount of 162 million dollars in foreign aid for dealing with COVID-19.




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