Russian President Vladimir Putin plays Russian songs, not Macedonian songs on the piano

These days a video of the Russian President Vladimir Putin playing the Macedonian song Jovano Jovanke on the piano is being shared on the social media.

Through a simple act of editing, to a propaganda.

The public is manipulated by a video of Putin allegedly playing Macedonian songs on the piano.

A video from an event in May 2017 was used in the edited video, when the Russian President Putin played two Russian songs before the meeting with the Chinese President Xi Jinping at the Chinese residence. A few days later in the same year of 2017, the Youtube channel featured the edited videos featuring the songs of Jovano Jovankethe Macedonian national anthem, and a few months later, more precisely on February 01, 2018, a video with the song Macedonian Girl also appeared.

Nowadays, two years later, once again these edited videos became interesting for sharing. The redistribution is being launched by the Facebook pages Macedonian Orthodox Community of Australia and Macedonian Worldwide, further expanded among a large number of Facebook users.

The purpose of this manipulation is to raise the image of the Russian president in the eyes of the Macedonian public. The public admires how Putin “respected” the Macedonian nation by “learning” to play Macedonian folk songs on the piano.

Sharing by nationalist Facebook pages where also photos of the Vergina Sun appeared, point to the fact that the purpose of sharing these videos is not to entertain, but rather to hide behind nationalist and political motives for manipulating the public.




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