Hate speech remains a communication tool that is often used on social networks.

Milenko Nedelkovski has repeatedly used hate speech in his vocabulary, especially on his social media profiles.

In the present case, he promotes hatred towards Minister Radmila Sekerinska, combining his narrative with manipulation. His purpose is to provoke the spread of false facts about Sekerinska, but also to incite hatred towards her.

Nedelkovski, through speculation, wants to manipulate the public, leading it towards the wrong conclusion. The truth is that the Minister of Defense is active and present on the scene. Radmila Sekerinska celebrated the Independence Day together with officers, ambassadors and defense attachés from the embassies, who climbed Galicica together.

Using vulgar and violent vocabulary, complemented by a photography of the so-called “Bloody Thursday” is a strong attempt to express and direct hatred towards the Minister of Defense.

Hate speech is a crime and can be reported to the Ministry of Interior Affairs. Hate Speech on Social Networks, can be reported to the MoIA’s Unit for Electronic Crime.




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