A theory that during the 2012 Olympic Games in London, the Coronavirus was announced during the opening ceremony is spreading all over Facebook.  While spreading this theory, as an argument is used a sequence from the choreography in which people die or are ill and they are checked by nurses, similar to the situation we are witnessing today.


The news on Facebook page Pavell Shatev has already been deleted. But here’s a picture from the post.This theory was also shared by Milenko Nedelkovski.


First of all, it should be noted that part of the performance of English citizens during the 2012 Olympic Games has been misused. Only a part of the video has been broadcast, which if viewed in full format, from the 44th minute of the opening of the Olympic Games in London, you can see and hear from the commenter that this is a demonstration that would show the strength of the health system and the care for children. The whole show also consists of a children’s story.

If you do just one Google search for the meaning of the spectacle of 2012 Olympic Games in England, you will see that it is a creative way of displaying some of the pillars on which England is built, such as the English industrial revolution, national health service, literary wealth, folk music and culture.

In the Croatian service for fighting fake news, you can read more about this spin which in this country is also spreading widely. According to the service’s statistics, Ravna Zemlja’s Facebook page post has had more than 800 shares and over 150 mostly supportive comments. While the activity of other Facebook pages that have shared the news is not known.

In a 2012 review in the prestigious newspaper “The Guardian”, there is a detailed analysis of the London show and its meaning.  Thus, one of the paragraphs states that “At the beginning, it dealt with historical events – about the land and machinery and women’s rights – epically and poetically. The director did a superb job in moving between those periods of history and today, and between reality and the movies. It told you what the nation is about: children, nurses and a dream”


Conspiracy theorists always use these creative and artistic performances as the basis on which to build their manipulations.

However, it is clear that this is an artistic performance of an independent artist.

Be careful, check before you share.




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