The text presents photos of Macedonian international football players which have been taken over from the official sport portal of the German media group RTL. On the photos the nationality (citizenship) of the Macedonian football players is Nordmazedonien.

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Due to some linguistic and grammar rules in the German languages, in the field for nationality it is written Nordmazedonien. If this word is translated, it can be seen that it means “North Macedonia”, as presented in the picture below.Source:

The conclusion is that the portal used a word for the nationality (citizenship) that refers to North Macedonia (the shortened name of the state), and not to North Macedonian.

The linguistic and grammar rules of the foreign languages should not be misused in order to produce conspiracy theories that the Prespa Agreement will abolish the Macedonian identity. This is also the spin in the headline, namely that the identity is North Macedonian, which is not true. Here it is the case about the nationality which is North Macedonia. Another text published by F2N2 contains a clarification about the differences between ethnicity and nationality (citizenship).

According to the guidelines from the MFA about using the name and the suffixes deriving from the Prespa Agreement, the following is stated in the part about nationality (citizenship): Macedonian/citizen of the Republic of North Macedonia.

After browsing the web-pages of the clubs of these football players we saw that their nationality (citizenship) is written as Macedonian, which again is in accordance with the Prespa Agreement. In the gallery bellow you can find the photos of Ezgijan Alioski (Leeds – England), Goran Pandev (Genova – Italy) and Aleksandar Trajkovski (Palermo – Italy).Source: and leedsunited.comSource: and

Source: and




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