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Original Title: A HUGE MIRACLE - A CROSS APPEARED IN A MOSQUE: PEOPLE CURED BY THE LIGHT THAT RADIATEDimageThe web portal Aktuelno24.com.mk, on 1st of July,  published an article entitled: "HUGE MIRACLE - THE CROSS APPEARED IN THE MOSQUE: THE PEOPLE CURED FROM THE LIGHT THAT RADIATED".According to Aktuelno 24; "A cross was shown in one of the mosques in Nasarawa, leaving hundreds of belivers in shock, and many of them considered it a miracle. The mosque's chief imam confirmed that a cross had been seen in the mosque, calling it a "sign from God”. "The same article states the date when the girl Hajar Husseini noticed the cross but does not state the year when this happened, in order to make the news seem "current"; "Hajar Husseini said she first saw the light in the shape of a cross on 28th of September,  and her mother confirmed this strange phenomenon and noted that her daughter was frightened and returned home."It is ironic that the sensational title states that the Cross appeared in the mosque, while the content reads: "The cross, which is a symbol of Christianity, was illuminated on the ground not far from the mosque." The link to the original article can be found here.

The portal often publishes content with "homemade drugs", fake healers, supernatural events, destinies and similar topics that reach the audience from a psychological point of view.World media outlets such as The Guardian Nigeria and The Breaking Times wrote about this news back in 2016, the mysterious cross reportedly appeared on Wednesday, 28th of September 2016, when a 15-year-old girl, Hajar Husseinini, saw it for the first time, around 8 pm . According to her statement to the media in 2016, that night she was sent to get some groceries and on the way back she saw a strange light. After that, she ran home scared to warn her mother Matan Lyman.The same news was confirmed by the main imam of the Central Mosque of Asakio, Muhammad Iliasu, who confirmed the incident, and told reporters that the appearance of the cross a few meters from the mosque was a revelation from God, confirming that "Jesus is also a prophet of God. "image
Photo: The Breaking times
 Michael Dogo of the Evangelical Reformed Church of Christ in Asacchio, also confirmed the case of the mysterious cross as a sign of rapprochement of the community.Jonathan Amegwa said he was obsessed with the appearance of the cross a few meters from the mosque. Nasarawa State Police Commissioner Abubakar Sadiq Belo, who also visited the site of the mysterious cross, told reporters that he had visited the site to make sure it could not be used as an instrument of religious conflicts.However this case is old news from Africa, back from 2016, which is by all means not “current”. At the same time, the portal spun part of it and manipulated the image in order to attract attention and play with the feelings of the believers of the Islamic faith.It is also a case of "seducing" the public with topics with supernatural, unproven content that uses the psychological moment of the citizens who often seek a cure for their illnesses and in that desperate state believe in everything that will be placed for them.The F2N2 team believes that this article has no journalistic solidity and is transmitted only to manipulate with the feelings of believers and in order to create a wrong narrative and misinformation that will confuse readers.



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