Original title: Zaev conditioned Alternativa. You will participate in the campaign together with DUI, or you will lose the Ministry of culture

The speculations for the alleged resignation of the minister of culture dates since March 24 and the text that is being analyzed is published on April 1. For more than one week articles were published about the alleged leaving of the Minister Asaf Ademi from his position, followed with text that refer to his return, upon alleged ultimatum issued by the Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, that is if Alternative does not join DUI in the presidential campaign of Stevo Pendarovski they will lose the Ministry of Culture.

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The author starts with the manipulations with the title by creating a myth that the Prime Minister has the final say on everything, and that allegedly blackmailed “Alternativa” to return the Minister at his post. The blackmail was about the minister to put himself at the service of the candidate Stevo Pendarovski.

This positions the candidate Stevo Pendarovski as a man who forces his support from the parties, thus creating an image of a system that is consisted of dictatorship and blackmails. Besides this, the author “kills two flies with one stroke” presenting the Albanian parties in the Government as obeying listeners without the right to speak.

The publishing of the text matches the start of the campaign, so the claims of not supporting Stevo Pendarovski, are even more problematic. Please find photos from events organized by Alternative for the campaign of Stevo Pendarovski.

Additionally, it is to be considered that the President of Alternativa, Afrim Gashi, during the Promotional convention, clearly stated that his party supports the candidacy of Stevo Pendarovski. Furthermore, the Ministry of Culture issued an official statement on April 3, denying the news on the alleged resignation of the Minister thus informing the public that the ministry functions within its regular dynamics.

This makes the two activities aliened from each other, regardless of the effort made by the author to present them in a causal relation.Source:

Alternative’s rally supporting the candidacy of Stevo Pendarovski, 06/04/2019, Kumanovo


Alternative’s rally supporting the candidacy of Stevo Pendarovski, 06/04/2019, Kumanovo




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