FN Program manager Rosana Aleksoska was speaker at one of the sessions of the A5 [Adriatic 5] Stratcom conference titled "Media Literacy and Dealing with Disinformation - Readiness of Institutions for Protection from Hybrid Influences" held on 19 May, 2023 and organized by the Ministry of foreign affairs of the Republic of North Macedonia. Within the session "Media literacy and dealing with the false narratives" besides Ms. Aleksoska the following experts partake Andy Carvin [Atlantic Council], Biljana Petrovska [Macedonian Institute for Media - MIM], Biljana Nasteska-Kalanoska [Association of Journalist of Macedonia - ZNM] and Xhabir Derala [Civil].

In her intervention, among other things, Ms. Aleksoska underlined the strong relation between the disinformation narratvies and different information environments such as the family, media, education system / schools etc. and what is their influence on the misperceptions, misconceptions and misbeliefs among the different target groups.

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