Recently a video posted on social networks is showing two women filling ballot boxes in a polling station. Some Facebook pages and individual profiles share it with the note that the video material is from the parliamentary elections from July 15th in Kichevo, which is absolutely untrue.

In fact, the video was filmed in Russia and published on Youtube 6 years ago. In the meantime it has been used several times for manipulations. It appeared on Youtube in 2016, while the text gave the context that the video is from the US elections and the filling of the boxes is the work of Democrats, although in one part of the video the Russian flag in the polling station is clearly visible.

Otherwise, this is not the first time that this video is presented in the context of the elections in Northern Macedonia. It was also noticed on May 6, 2019, a day after the second round of the presidential elections, on the Facebook profile named “Makedonska Dijaspora”.

Another attempt to undermine confidence in the election process with Russian materials.




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