Original title:  VIDEO: THE RUSSIAN AMBASSADOR IN SERBIA:  The closer it is to NATO, the crisis in Macedonia is getting deeper

On 01.07.2019 the portal Infomax, citing a statement by the Russian ambassador in Serbia, published a text in which he points out that ethnic problems have worsened since the process of “indenting” Northern Macedonia into NATO. The text is also published by the portal Express.

Link to the original article:  Infomax


As the date for the country’s entry into NATO is getting nearer, the Russian propaganda intensifies. The spices are similar now as well, with slightly ethnic aspects with an emphasis on the Albanian issue and of course a crisis. There is no shortage of the conclusion that the Balkan countries that have entered NATO have no benefits, which is certainly not true. According to this, the text is spin.

Referring to the statement of the Russian ambassador in Serbia, Infomax spins that the ethnic problems caused by the ambitions of the Albanians are intensifying in the country. The ambassador states that “In many respects this internal crisis in North Macedonia is related to the one-sided intrusion of the West. ”

This is not true. The media should not lead to conclusions based on someone’s statements. The country’s entry into NATO is not a magic formula for causing any sorts of problems, less than all on an ethnic basis. The whole text is manipulative, full with spins with the already known rhetoric. The purpose of this text is well-thought and misleading the public. This announcement isalso  part of the anti-NATO narrative that has been developing for some time by various portals from the Republic of North Macedonia and beyond, and for which the F2N2 team has previously written about. In the direction of better understanding, we also recommend the experts’ analysis of the Russian influence before Macedonia’s NATO membership.




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