A few years ago, Ursula Le Guin (1969) described a fictional world in which there are no “women” or “men” but only individuals. Of course this is a subject of individual interpretation, but if we start from the personal point of view, we are primarily living beings with feelings, no matter what gender we belong to. For decades, scientists have argued that women and men function differently because their brains are different. But all this is nothing new, biology is as it is, but what role do social norms play in the lives of women and men? Is it easier for man than for women? If this is not the case then why even in the 21st century women are still not equal to men? While men are expected to be successful and ambitious, it cannot be said that society has the same expectations of women. Of course women need to make money, but not more than men! Ask yourself, what would be the titles of the portals if the director were a MAN?

History shows us enough examples of women being deprived of positions, rights and institutions, and nowadays women are under-represented in the higher positions, under-paid, and less likely to be political leaders.

The PRO director has repeatedly been subjected to deliberate discrediting through a series of inappropriate, discriminatory, offensive and sexist headlines, of which you can read more about here.

Sexism is complicated

There are different types of discrimination, such as ethnic, economic, and so on and all of them are complicated. The one who discriminates has the opportunity to avoid the group he dislikes. The same cannot be said about gender discrimination, because in that case the person who is discriminating is in constant contact with the opposite sex, and in most cases the same person has a wife, daughter or a parent beside him. Modern sexists are different from the old-fashioned sexists; while the old-fashioned believed that women are caregivers and housewives, the modern sexists often say; “I support women’s rights, but they went too far with their demands for equality, and soon they will be hired everywhere!”, Such hypocrisy can provoke unfounded hatred in men, that can then turn into violence in order to dominate the other sex.

The media and journalists must apply culture and ethics in their reporting. This type of media communication is inappropriate and is unacceptable to a professional journalist or media outlet. The media must abide by the rules of professional reporting.


Meral Musli Tajroska – a psychologist, an expert on violent extremism and radicalism and a woman rights activist




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