On 4 February, the pro-Russian influencer Milenko Nedelkovski publicly praised the Russian Embassy in Skopje for its warm congratulations on the occasion of the birth anniversary of the revolutionary Goce Delčev.

On 3 February 2022, the Russian Embassy in Sofia organized an exhibition to mark the Birthday of Nikolay Ignatiev – one of the signatories of Treaty of San Stefano. In 2021, while the Russian Embassy in Skopje congratulated 24 May as the day of the "Macedonian educators" Ss. Cyril and Methodius, the Russian Ambassador to Bulgaria Mitrofanova in a video message congratulated the day of the "Bulgarian educators" and the "Bulgarian alphabet". This is completely in line with the grater Russian strategy for the Balkans, and that is "to keep open the conflicts and impede the process of reconciliation and reforms in the region".

In plain words, the Russian embassies in both countries act in a coordinated manner inciting confusion, mistrust and creating tensions on a very emotional and sensitive issue for both countries.

Amid the ongoing talks between North Macedonia and Bulgaria and increased tensions, this should serve as a reminder of the real intentions of Russia and should not be forgotten.

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Zlatko Dimitrioski

Senior analyst




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