On June 18, 2020, an article was published on the web portal DokazM with the following headline: “ALL ISOLATION AND QUARANTINE MEASURES MUST BE IMMEDIATELY TERMINATED“. There’s a photo of a document attached to it, that was also shared on social networks. To clarify, the document states that the Court of Human Rights, on June 11, 2020, sent an order to the signatory states of the Geneva Conference “to immediately cease all isolation and quarantine measure related to the coronavirus.” All further existing measures of this kind will be considered “waging a psychological war against the people,” and they will be investigated, tried, and punished.


The link to the original article can be found here.


This is misinformation that, through a skillful twisting of terms of international institutions, creates a conspiracy theory for an alleged decision by a human rights court.

The document addressed to German President Frank Walter-Steinmeier is “released” by the NGO, Gerichthof Der Menschen – GDM, which means the People’s Court. But it is not a real court as part of the judicial power of a state, and even less an international court, but a “project” of several unclear organizations. And as our partner writes about the regional network for fact-checking, there is no information on the site of the organization about who they are, except that they are a self-proclaimed court that deals with detection of human rights violation and violation of international law. This organization is a partner of the so-called Genesis, a group of organizations whose website offers no general explanation of their action and confirmation of the authenticity of their work.

The document that spread in the entire region was subject to the discharge and the Bosnian fact-checker, which also confirmed that it is a false document from a non-existent judicial institution. They discovered the fact that the document was written by a certain Mustafa Selim Surneli, a member of the Civil Movement Reich. The members of this movement are associated with extreme right-wing, anti-semtious and Nazi ideologies. He is a self-proclaimed “High Commissioner for Human Rights”, a member of the “Managing Board of the International Human Rights Center”, “Professor of Human Rights” and the like.

As for the institution that is mentioned as a document issuer, in our media, it refers to a certain human rights court, while in the region they refer to it as an International Court of Human Rights. The public should know that there is an International Court for Justice located in The Hague and is one of the United Nations legal authorities, and the European Court of Human Rights formed by the Council of Europe.

Besides citing a non-existent institution, it is not clear to what kind of “Geneva Conference” it is referred to in the article. Namely, there have been several agreements signed in Geneva, mainly related to specific military clashes, i.e.  peace agreements (such as the 1954 Geneva Accords on Indochina.)

The most similar name is the Geneva Convention of 1949, which is one of the basics of international humanitarian law, which currently has 194 signatory countries.

From what is said above, it can be concluded that this is false news. There is no such court which sent an order to interrupt the isolation and quarantine measures.

This is a conscious manipulation of the public, by individuals, aimed at encouraging distrust in the institutions of the system that make all kinds of efforts to reduce and prevent the number of coronavirus infections. All these manipulations with false announcements encourage discontent and disregard for protection measures, thereby causing tremendous harm to society in the fight against coronavirus.

Keeping a distance, wearing a mask and washing hands remain the measures that everyone must responsibly respect.




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