Original title: Professor Christian Perronne: This is a hoax, “Modern” and “Pfizer” are not vaccines, but a hidden RNA gene therapy that we must categorically reject

The anti-vaccination views of a French doctor that the coronavirus vaccines have modified human DNA have been refuted by experts. This doctor has previously made false claims that have been refuted.

On December 11th, the anonymous portal The Times published an article titled: Professor Christian Perronne: It is a hoax, “Modern” and “Pfizer” are not vaccines, but a hidden RNA gene therapy that we must categorically reject. In the content of the text, the portal refers to an interview with French professor Christian Perronne, head of the infectious diseases department at the Garches Hospital in Paris.

According to him, Moderna and Pfizer are not vaccines, but a product of RNA gene therapy, which could permanently and irreversibly alter our genes, chromosomes, so that these abnormalities could later be passed on to our children. According to Peron, the tests are not good either, or no one has tried to improve them. This was allegedly done deliberately, as the vaccine market would shrink. Denying the need for vaccination, he called for the vaccine to be rejected as unnecessary, when the COVID-19 mortality rate had already dropped. According to him, in the history of medicine there has not been an immediate vaccination of millions of people due to a virus that killed only a certain group and supposedly older people who are not infected would serve as guinea pigs before the population was vaccinated.

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The claims of French professor Christian Perronne, which have been circulating on social networks in France and abroad, have no scientific basis, genetic and immunology experts explain for AFP. Namely, vaccines based on information RNA, mRNA, send genetic instructions to the body that disappear quickly and there is no possibility to modify the patient’s DNA.

How do these vaccines work?

The idea for a vaccine is always the same: to teach the body to recognize a pathogen so that it can produce an immune response.

To achieve this, in the case of viral diseases, there are several “classic” techniques. One of the most used is to inoculate a weakened virus for the body to learn to recognize certain proteins, called antigens, so that it can react if exposed to a real virus.

In the case of mRNA vaccines, such as those of Pfizer/Biotech and Moderna, they send genetic instructions to produce these proteins directly into the cells, turning the body into a vaccine factory.

But can the genetic instruction it sends to our cells “transform our genes permanently,” as Professor Peron argues?

This claim is not based on any scientific data.

Specialists in the field interviewed by AFP such as Dr. Maria Victoria Sanchez of the Immunology and Vaccine Research Laboratory in Argentina, French geneticist Axel Kahn, Christophe D’Enfert, Scientific Director of the Pasteur Institute, Jean-Daniel Lelièvre professor of immunology, explain that this cannot happen because mRNA cannot enter the DNA, because it never enters the cell nucleus, where the DNA is located.

The controversial statements made by this French doctor since the beginning of the pandemic, especially regarding the hydroxychloroquine he defends as a drug, as well as the “huge” rate of false positive tests, AFP has already assessed as false / incorrect, based on the opinion of specialists .

Although without scientific evidence, the claims of the French doctor Christian Perronne, in order to sabotage the vaccine from Moderna and Pfizer, are transmitted to the public. With regard to its manipulation of alleged emergency vaccination and that non-infected elderly people will serve as guinea pigs before the population is vaccinated, the public should be aware that the vaccine will not be mandatory, and that health professionals directly related to treatment of patients with COVID-19 and those who take swabs, as well as people over 65, the chronically ill, i.e. people with respiratory, malignant and cardiovascular diseases and transport employees, as the most risky groups. This has already been stated by the Minister of Health, Venko Filipce.

Vaccination is a global success story for health and development, saving millions of lives each year. Vaccines are also key to preventing and controlling infectious disease epidemics. They are essential for global health security.

The new coronavirus vaccine will be a vital tool in tackling the pandemic. Those who try to sabotage the COVID-19 vaccine can only have a detrimental effect on the public and the immunization process. The anti-vaccination campaign is on the rise. The public faced with the unknown virus seeking answers to many questions faces a serious problem from the opinions of individuals that are not based on scientific evidence.




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