The conspiracy theories remain to be part of the disinformation and spreading of fake news. In late January through February 2019, Macedonian public witnessed a video published on Facebook pages of various anti NATO and anti EU promotors.

The video is in Serbian language with subtitles in Macedonian language with a focus on the so called “Dulles Plan”. The video frames the plan even with a repetition of the points, therefore last for c.a. 3 minutes.


With a simple browse through the internet F2N2 found a number of videos and articles on Russian language transmitting identical content rather offensive to the Slavs with emphasis on Russia. There is no proof of the document i.e. the so called “Dulles plan”. Conclusion is that this is an old narrative of conspiracy primarily used by Russian propaganda upon the fall of the USSR presenting the USA as the biggest enemy. It is interesting to watch at its evolvement in the region, starting from Serbia going to Montenegro and Macedonia. Even Russian researchers and scholars admit that such a document (at least officially) does not exist and cannot be found except in the fiction novel “Eternal call”, 1981 by Anatoli Ivanov and in Russian media since late 80’s and 90’s.

The conclusion is that by a simple browse of internet one can find that almost 40-year old Russian propaganda is present at the Balkans nowadays.

We urge the ones who have seen the official document and can prove its existence to reach out to us. Meanwhile, you can check the Dulles plan here.




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