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Original Title: The EU is arguing with the WHO as well about their reporting on COVID -19imageOn October 22nd, 2020, the Infomax portal published an article entitled: The EU is arguing with the WHO as well about their reporting on COVID -19. The content says that the European Union has formulated a draft proposal for the reforms to be implemented within the World Health Organization. The proposal stressed that WHO members should be more transparent when it comes to reporting on the pandemic.

This is not the first time this portal has used click-bait headlines and distorted facts to manipulate the public. Namely, nowhere in the content of the text is it stated that the EU quarreled with the WHO, nor that there is any disagreement between them. On the contrary, it is a draft reform proposal prepared by the German government following discussions with other member states, outlining the EU's months-long plans to address WHO challenges related to funding, governance, and legal powers.The October 19th document, reached by Reuters, urges the WHO to take measures to increase "transparency of national compliance" with international health regulations and urges WHO member states to be quicker in sharing information on emergency health care.Neither the WHO nor the German government wanted to comment on the document because it was yet to be discussed by EU health ministers in a video conference next week, and it was intended to be the EU's common position before the WHO Assembly on mid-November.The portal unprofessionally concludes in the headline about an alleged quarrel or disagreement between the EU and the WHO. This is just one of a series of headlines that they publish in order to manipulate the public, in order to undermine the trust in international organizations, in this case the trust in the work of the European Union and the World Health Organization.



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