Original title: “MTV” and “MNT” for Google are already “S-MRT” and “S-MNT”

The claims of part of the media that Google started to change the names of some state institutions i.e. the Macedonian Radio Television (MRT) and the Macedonian National Theatre (MNT) are not true. These media take a step further, and by using acronyms that have different, pejorative and negative meaning, present the renaming of these institutions dramatic. In example, MRT became S-MRT that means death. The acronyms have negative context, and should associate with a tragic loss of “Macedonian” as a terminology. The change of the terms of the institutions was not made on the 4th of March.

The original headline of the text, was reproduced on several portals, almost at the same period of time: Skopje infoPress 24Republika. In a very short period, the headline was shortened by Kurir and Vesnik and sounded: “MRT for Google is already SMRT (DEATH).

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Conducted check on Google maps, when  searching the term Macedonian Radio Television, shows that these claims are fake.

One day after, on 5th of March, the Government of North Macedonia, adopted a decision to rename some institutions, as part of the implementation of the Prespa Agreement. Both institutions, subject to this story were part of the list.

Тhe truth is that Macedonian Radio Television (MRT) was renamed to National Radio Television, not North Macedonian Radio Television.

The whole name of the theater previously was: National Institution “Macedonian National Theater (MNT)” and remained the same with adding the name of the country “Republic of North Macedonia” before the National Institution “Macedonian National Theater”.

The questions is whether and who suggested to Google maps to rename the institutions, due to the fact that it is the only way to rename the terms on their maps. It is obviously another smooth attempt to create a fake narrative in order to play with the national feelings of the citizens, attack the Prespa Agreement and its implementation, one day prior to the Government’s decision.Source:




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