Two photos appeared on the social network Facebook, in which the first one shows two warplanes, and the second photo consists of a text with the following content: 02.12.2020 This morning, the Swedish Air Force landed 3 planes and 20 people, Reuters reported. Searching the planes, they found a solution that causes all the symptoms of the corona virus. The planes are owned by the WHO!

The post as of the moment this article was written has an incredible 1,600 shares and over 70 comments. The disinformation originated in Bulgaria, i.e. it was originally published on 02.12.2020 on the portal, which shows the same two military planes. The announcement states that the news was published by the renowned portal Reuters, but during our search we did not find the news that is referred to in the disinformation.

The Facebook user who posted this disinformation distanced himself from it, saying that he was “not a journalist” to verify the information. Such thinking does not give him or anyone else the right to spread disinformation that causes worry among citizens. Such disinformation is being spread with great speed, and it is most often distributed through social networks because it is the way through which it can reach a large number of people much more easily.

Do not believe everything you read. Check before you share!




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