The anonymous portal Free World on November 27th, 2020 published an article titled Nostradamus: The time will come when Macedonia will be ruled by an incompetent and harmful ruler. The content of the text is an alleged prophecy of Nostradamus, the greatest clairvoyant of all time who mentioned Macedonia several times in his books, according to which:

“The time will come when Macedonia will be ruled by an incompetent and harmful ruler, who will try to destroy the name of Macedonia and the Macedonians themselves, only to do good to other rulers, their own masters. But it will not succeed because the people, that is, the Macedonians, will overthrow this ruler from the throne.“

This text is nothing new but already known propaganda. Nostradamus prophecies have been published many times before in different political contexts and for different countries, personalities, and events. But specifically, this text dates back to October 2018 when in the current political situation of the constitutional changes to change the name, this alleged prediction of Nostradamus was published. In April 2020, the Facebook page Macedonia and Russia Orthodox Union (Македонија и Русија † Православен Сојуз) again “reminded” the Facebook audience of this prophecy of Nostradamus. F2N2 has already written about his prophecies used as propaganda.

And now in this context of the new political developments with neighboring Bulgaria, in the process of European integration when Zaev is again the target of a negative campaign, an old text is published about a prophecy that has no journalistic or scientific basis.

While from the domestic prophecies, on October 22nd, the astrologer and “journalist” Ilija Boskov Krajnicki published a text on his blog/page Horoscope Krajnicki titled: Speech of the planets: Is the Prime Minister Zoran Zaev on the verge of execution? Did my prediction knock on the door. After more than a month, November 26th, he shares this text on his Facebook profile, on his Facebook page Horoskop Krajnicki and in the groups Political Posts Republic of Macedonia and MACEDONIA, in order to re-read: “It is not bad to re-read the text, which was published on October 22th on my website, “reads the post.

What should be re-read from the author journalist and professional astrologer with a specialty in political astrology, as presented by Ilija Boskov Krajnicki himself.

It is enough to read the title and see the inadequacy of the text. Namely, the visions for possible liquidation of the current Prime Minister that followed him since 2017 are now published with a natal chart. He allegedly warns by transmitting the speech of the planets and the realization and the term were known only to the creator. The title of the text says something completely different; it sounds more like its prediction is already coming true.

Astrology may be as old as humanity itself, but the digital age has begun the global boom in astrology. Although astrology is popular, it is not a science and there is no evidence that the positions of the stars correlate with personality, but technology and social media have created a whole new trend of believers growing. We do not dispute the “abilities” of someone who does it for money, but the unprofessionalism of the author who voluntarily makes a natal chart and publishes it in public, and even emphasizes to re-read his unfavorable and bad predictions.

The fact that his predictions are unfavorable and bad and even re-read at a time when Prime Minister Zaev is the target of accusations and attacks, we assess and condemn as a negative campaign against Prime Minister Zaev that can persuade provocations and negative feelings.




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