Original title:  Vasko Pop Petrevski got his hands on some of Orce’s cash through Olivera?

On 27.07.2019 the portal Dokaz published a speculation, which has been highlighted in the title itself. The headline, contrary to the journalistic standards, is posed as a question.

The goal is to discredit the editor of “360 Degrees”, Vasko Popetreski.

Link to the articleDokaz


The headline of this news is a speculation. There is no confirmation in the text either, that would support the speculation that is posed as a question, stated in the title itself.

The entire post is unfounded and tendentious, in order to discredit the reputation of the editor of “360 Degrees”, Vasko Popetreski. In the writing of the text there is no evidence to substantiate the allegations, which are mentioned in the title itself.

There is a proof that what Vasko placed on his web-site is not untrue, and for that, there is a confirmation from SPP.Journalists should publish accurate and verified information. We remind you that the media have a responsible role in informing the public. Journalists must maintain and respect professional reporting standards in their articles. The public must not be led to wrong conclusions.




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