The Portal “Dokaz” often publishes articles in which, with sensationalist headlines, attempts to inappropriately sexually discredit women. The articles on the portal are full of evident stereotypes and discriminatory narratives concerning the female gender. In most of the articles, the sensationalist headline is not substantiated by evidence that runs counter to the principles of journalistic reporting. Not only does it discriminate, but it also causes distress because it does not speak to them professionally, or to the task they perform in the government, but to their private life or sex life in a way that in the eyes of the public, they would appear as from a different category.

PRO Director Sanja Lukarevska in several opportunities was exposed to inappropriate discrediting through a series of inappropriate, discriminatory, offensive, sexist and vulgar headlines. The articles are written in a gossip style, and it is obvious that they are only intended to defame Lukarevska’s personality and not to point to any abuse she may or may have not committed.

The F2N2 team recorded a series of articles with unprofessional, offensive and discriminatory articles about PRO Director Sanja Lukarevska on the web portal Dokaz, published on:


Each text individually is more scandalous than the other, and it is evident that they are being written in sequence, as a response to or retaliation for something. One text was published in May, four in July, and one in June.

For example, in an article published in July, the author of the text inserted Lukarevska’s name “as fallen from the sky”. He talks about “The Pride Parade” and “Alliance for Life”, while Lukarevska is mentioned in the article and referred to as a family spoiler, while providing no evidence for it.

Similar to the text above, this article also provides another image of Lukarevska, as a woman who is being upgraded in her profession in a different way, rather than deservedly.

The other article, speaks in a vulgar manner not only about Lukarevska, but also about all the women employees of the PRO, that they allegedly go to work without underwear, with a deep neckline or barefoot.

Although the Media Ethics Council in Macedonia’s Appeals Commission at its session held on 24.06.2019 carried out a decision according to which the portal Dokaz violated the Code of Journalists in Articles 1, 10 and 11 on the basis of the complaint about the article entitled “SANJA LUKAREVSKA A MINISTER OF FINANCE? SOMEONE IS SERIOUSLY RAISING THEIR PRICE, AS THEY ARE RAISING THEIR LEGS” on 05.06.2019, This decision did not prevent the owner of the online portal Dokaz to continue such inappropriate postings, focused on discrediting and disruption of the reputation of Lukarevska.

We see no purpose in the articles other than to denounce without evidence in order to disrupt the reputation of successful women and to create a false perception in the society that women do not have enough skills to be successful and equal to men.

Journalists and the media should not transmit unverified information that endangers human rights or freedoms. Such articles represent gender discrimination, spread of misogyny and sexism.

The media and journalists must nurture culture and ethics in their reporting. This type of media communication is inappropriate, which is unacceptable to a professional journalist or media outlet. The media must abide by the rules of professional reporting.




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