Today (30.06.2023) in the premises of the Ministry of Education and Science a working meeting between the Ministry of Education and Science and the Citizens Association MOST was held. At the meeting, also participated by the Minister Mr. Shaqiri, the document “Recommendations for preparation of the new educational curriculums” was presented, a document which is a result of the cooperation between the Ministry of Education and Science, Biro of Education Development, and the Citizens Association MOST.

The document was developed over the course of the previous year and is consisted of recommendations for improvement of the educational curriculum and content which refers to the ‘reasons that lead to the start of the World War II as well as the happenings prior to its beginning with the accent on the ‘signing of the Molotov – Ribbentrop pact’. These recommendations and guidelines will be further submitted to the Biro of Education development and taken into consideration during the development of the new educational curriculums.

This document, as well as the base-line analysis that were prepared in this process, represent the ground for fact-based enrichment and improvement of the content in the educational curriculum on the History subject, in the primary and secondary education, that touch upon this period.

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