Original title: The letter from Dimitrov by which Macedonia renounces the Macedonian nationality has been published

The portal “Plus 24”, on 19 August, publishes a text with the above mentioned title, as a new come-to-the-fore news, describing the letter signed by Nikola Dimitrov, that was sent yesterday with aim to inform the Greek side that in Republic of Macedonia, the inner legal conditions for entering into force of the Final agreement are met.


The very same news about the terms citizenship, nationality and ethnic background from the letter of the Minister of foreign affairs Nikola Dimitrov was active and published by many portals more than 7 months ago.

The F2N2 team has been processing this news once it was published by many portals 7 months ago and it was marked as spin.By “missing” topics for correctly and impartially informing the public, the portal “Plus 24”, uses spun old news from January 2019, led by the same narrative against the Prespa agreement.

The unprofessionalism of the author of the text, brings the public into confusion with the term “yesterday”, and by that once again causes provocations related with the very sensitive topic for the Macedonian identity.




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