Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of PR ChinaOn 30 January, TASS reported about a statement by Chinese MFA spokeswoman Mao Ning. In her statement Ning said that the US were the main initiator and the main driving force of the crisis in Ukraine, it continuously supplied heavy and offensive weapons to Kyiv, prolonging the conflict and making it more intense. She called on Washington to "stop profiting from the war" and "responsibly contribute to the de-escalation" of the conflict, to create conditions for peace negotiations of the "interested parties".


This represents a distortion and promotion of the Russian narratives about the Russian aggression on Ukraine. Namely, the Russian disinformation narratives regularly contain half-truths and distortions which due to the lack of information and willingness to research by the public, do resonate with the audience. This is a good example in which factually the largest supporter of Ukraine, the USA is being singled out by a high level Chinese official as “profiteer and culprit”. The fact is that there are at least 40 countries that support Ukraine, military, financially and with humanitarian aid, in her effort to defend its territory from the Russian unprovoked and unjustified aggression. In addition, the EU and the EU Institutions are by far the largest financial donor with over 30 billion EUR in 2022. The Kremlin efforts to present the USA as the “enemy that wants to destroy Russia” is the narrative that thus far is being promoted by the Russian officials, while the Chinese officials and the media controlled by these states are promoting the US as “the main culprit for the war”. In addition, it is becoming a practice for the Chinese officials and the media outlets owned and controlled by the Chinese Communist Party to promote and leverage the Russian narratives through distortions and dis-contextualized half-truths. By doing so, the narratives promoted by these sides aim at white-washing the main reason for the huge political support and different types of aid provided to Ukraine, and that is the unjustified and unprovoked Russian aggression on Ukraine.

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